Free Marketing Support for Green Businesses

A new initiative is offering free marketing support for green businesses in the UK and in English-speaking countries worldwide.

Green Business Support has been set up to help environmentally focused companies, or those with a strong eco-friendly agenda, to compete with their less-green counterparts.

Free Marketing for Green Business

With many years of experience in digital marketing, Green Business Support can help organisations with the following services:

  • Online market research to help understand how website users are searching for your type of products and services.
  • Competitor analysis to see what site content and what search phrases are driving visitors to their websites
  • Content development and SEO (Search engine optimisation) to help improve your website’s rankings for those phrases
  • Regular ranking reports and progress updates

Often, green products and services are seen as a niche, even ‘hippy’ choice, coming with a perceived downside in terms of quality, affordability or suitability.

However, in so many cases, the opposite is true, especially when it comes to business supplies and services.

A ‘green’ choice is often so because it helps to reduce energy consumption – at least over the long term, as is the case with energy provision from solar panels, wind turbines etc.

There are government subsidies and tax breaks available for many green choices – take transport for example. Electric cars offer many reduced costs, with no road tax to pay, no congestion charge for those driving into London, and vastly reduced mileage costs as charging the batteries is so much cheaper than petrol or diesel.

The overall goal of Green Business Support is not to communicate these benefits to those seeking them though, but rather to make greener businesses more visible to those looking for the best products and services for their current needs, allowing buyers to decide then whether the green provider is right for them at that time or not.

If you run a green business or one that works to a strong environmentally friendly ethos / agenda – or if you know someone who does – and would like to know more, please visit the Green Business Support website to learn more or give them a call on 01872 211 704 to discuss your company and its goals.

 You can also connect with Digital Marketing Consultant Av Srivastava who runs the initiative, via LinkedIn.