Video Production Companies

Here is our list of the top 10 video production companies in the UK that we have seen offering great web content marketing solutions for business.

These video marketing agencies can help you to create a company overview for your website or YouTube, a product explainer, training films, TV advertisements and more to help boost your visibility and build trust with potential customers.


Magneto Films

Magneto Films is a leading video production company that works with corporate, education, healthcare and not-for-profit clients across the UK.

Magneto Films Video Production UK

Founders Gaby and Jeremy Jeffs have skills, style and values that come directly from their training and backgrounds as film makers for the BBC and Channel 4.

Magneto have created corporate video for a range of well-known brands, including the likes of Ford, the NHS, Bentley, British Council, Expedia and more.

They focus on creating videos that move people to action, and have many examples of extremely positive customer feedback throughout their website.


Chocolate Films

One of the first full-service video production companies in the UK, creating content that includes event films, and promotional videos, documentaries, animations and more.

Chocolate Films London and Glasgow

Rachel Wang and Mark Currie founded Chocolate in 2001, with the aim of building a high quality video production company with social purpose. Based in London and Glasgow, they now have a team of over 25 staff.



Beast is a video production agency in London that helps brands to tell their story with visual content marketing that engages and educates their audiences, and that moves them to action.

Beast video production agency

The Beast team has diverse media experience, that includes work with advertising agencies, branded content producers, television, fashion photography and video and commercial projects.

They can also work on design projects using motion graphics and CGI animation. As a branded content agency, they take pride in offering a good balance of experience and innovation in their work.


Core Media Productions Ltd

Based in Liverpool, Core Media Productions create engaging video content for ambitious businesses and brands.

Core Media Productions Liverpool

Their team is passionate about helping companies to tell their stories and producing engaging digital content that drives results.


Fresh Cut Creative

Fresh Cut is a UK video production agency that creates content to help build brands.

Fresh Cut Creative Leeds, Manchester and London

The company is a group of content creators that works to help brands tell their stories with creative videos that engage, entertain and activate their audiences.

Established in 2006, Fresh Cut started in Leeds and went on to add bases in London and Manchester.


Aspect Film and Video

Aspect is a Video Production Agency that works to deliver Branded Content, Viral Marketing, Explainer Videos and more from their offices in Bristol & London, UK

Aspect Film and Video Bristol and London

Aspect is a company that believes in being responsible as well as creative, and with a commercial head for business performance of the video content that they create.

They take pride in hiring and nurturing the best film-making talent out there.


twenty twenty films

This agency helps brands to tell their story with creative video content marketing services.

twenty twenty films

This company has a wealth of knowledge and expertise from all aspects of video production. They pride themselves on having extremely high standards and striving to deliver exceptional videos for a client base that stays with them and returns for repeat business


Whistle Video

Whistle is a video production and animation agency in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. From corporate videos and testimonial videos to explainer videos and animated logos.

Whistle Video Sheffield South Yorkshire

This is a friendly team of creative professionals who work on a variety of video marketing and animation projects.

Whistle works with a small team of creatives and freelancers, picking the right professionals to deliver each project to the best possible standard.


Dragonfly Digital Video Services Ltd

Dragonfly is a full service, creative video production company in London, UK. They develop animations and corporate videos to make ideas fly…

Dragonfly Digital Video Services UK

They believe that digital video is one of the most cost effective and progressive ways to get your message out there to your perfect audience. It is certainly a great way to capture attention and generate new enquiries and business, and Dragonfly are one of the leading companies in this field.

Dragonfly believe that there is too much dull video out there and work to create content that gets noticed and gets results.


Land and Sky Media

Land and Sky create meaningful documentaries for building brand awareness and developing a human connection.

Land and Sky Media

The company is committed to low impact practices and aligns itself with organisations that strive for a more sustainable future for the environment and people alike.


If you’re looking for the best video production companies in the UK, then one of the 10 agencies on this list should be able to help make your project a success.