Tips for Promoting your YouTube Videos

If you looking to implement some new marketing strategies to drive your business forward, then these top tips for promoting your YouTube videos will hopefully come in very handy.

Tips for promoting your YouTube videos

  • Make good use of YouTube titles and descriptions. How you would like to describe your video and how visitors may choose to search may be two very different things. Think about the core content of your video, brainstorm what your ideal visitors may type into a YouTube or Google search to find such content (may be even ask them). Try to ensure that the most likely phrase forms part of a brief title (at least 3 to 5 words) and a good, detailed description section.
  • Encourage interaction. YouTube by default has useful sharing and Like / Comment features, but why not ask your viewers to perform such desired actions towards the end of your content or within your description text.
  • Integrate video into your website or blog. YouTube provides simple snippets of code that you can use to insert your video onto blog or web pages. This not only can generate additional video views, but can make your own site more interesting and make your pages more ‘sticky’.
  • Use offline promotion techniques. Signpost your videos in brochures and use word of mouth to encourage friends or customers to watch, share and interact with your content.
  • Use other social media. Get onto Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other social media channels to reach out to different audiences and link to your content.
  • Do some PR. Engage with owners of industry or complementary websites and ask them to integrate or link to your video content. If your video is newsworthy, why not contact the local offline or online press as well?
  • Don’t give up too soon. Many business owners get disillusioned too quickly when a new marketing tactic doesnt pay dividends straight away. If you produce several videos, perhaps in a regular series, then you may develop repeat viewers and loyalty among your audience. Word of month referrals and sharing by your visitors may increase over time when people realise that you are a consistent source of useful information, rather than a flash in the pan. Stick with it – especially if you enjoy it.

I hope these YouTube video promotion tips prove useful for your business in 2017 and beyond!