County Web is a guide to local Business, Education and Local Information in the UK. We will try to make our website and blog as useful as possible for those who need business services and advice, suppliers and consultants, news and views.

Are goal is not to be impartial! We want to give greatest presence to the best companies and websites – those we know, like or trust – and preferably all 3. Our criteria for important sites and businesses will be as follows:

  • Personal experience with companies and organisations providing great products or services
  • Trusted recommendations from people that we know like and trust
  • Strong green credentials – especially those that offer an eco-friendly alternative to other products and services
  • Great reviews from trustworthy external websites and social media channels
  • Exciting and innovative start-ups or businesses bringing something new to the market.

Use our website to learn about companies in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales by county or topic, as well as useful data / statistics, and local schools or training providers.

It is written by:

– Business owners
– Professional writers / copywriters
– Website designers and online marketing professionals

and we will welcome contributions from our readers.

We hope you enjoy the website!


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